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The BoBo Balance Core Trainer gives you a whole new way to work out through the power of balance.

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BoBo is portable so you can easily carry your effective workout tool with you, wherever you go.

One Fitness Tool For All

One Fitness Tool For All

BoBo is for people of all ages and all fitness levels - from families to hardcore athletes, seniors, and rehab patients.

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Step inside the action with BoBo’s interactive fitness games that push you to work harder and longer, while you’re having fun.

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BoBo - Core Trainer Balance Board 2.0
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    • Premium wooden board (15" diameter)
    • Free iOS/Android App with built in exercises and games
    • Built in Bluetooth motion sensor
    • Anti-slip surface
    • Holds up to 450 lbs
    • Balance cushion (extra thick)
    • 11 Built-in games
    • Predefined training programs 

*Requires iOS 11 and up, or Android 5 and up.

*Mobile device not included, used for illustration purposes.

Wireless connectivity to your smartphone or tablet
Battery life is 400 hours of continuous use
3-axis accelerometer sensors
Operating temperature: -5 ˚C to 45 ˚C (23 ˚F to 113 ˚F)
Battery type: 2032 Lithium Coin Battery 3V
Communication modules: Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

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BoBo is revolutionizing the fitness, training and rehabilitation fields. Our customers include physiotherapy clinics, professional fitness centers, leading hospitals, sports clinics, military outfits, personal trainers and more.