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Fine-tune your balance & improve performance




Fine-tune your balance & improve performance

Balance Counts

Prepare for your best season ever.

No athlete or fitness freak wants to skip workouts, sit out part of the season or, worst of all, give up on a dream because of an injury. Better joint stability and agility greatly reduces an athlete’s risk of knee and ankle injuries while playing. When you train for injury prevention, you will always show up for the game.

Avoid Getting Sidelined

The stats are in: clinical studies with professional athletes have repeatedly shown that a consistent schedule of just 2 balance training sessions per week for 8 weeks leads to improved stability and better performance across multiple sports. If your goal is to jump higher, throw farther, hit harder, or improve agility and speed, you need balance training as part of your workouts. 

How Does It Work?

The BoBo Balance System includes the BoBo Balance Board, stability cushion, and access to the fully-loaded BoBo App for your mobile device. 

The BoBo App

  • Seamless connectivity between the app and the BoBo Balance Board provides live bio-feedback on your mobile device
  • Advanced movement tracking and analytics to identify balance patterns
  • Built with a wide range of dynamic training programs from beginner to expert to target common goals, or you can create your own
  • Includes motivational game-based experience with interactive games for all levels
  • 100% free: no monthly subscription, no charge for update

The BoBo Balance Board: 

Stability training on-the-go

  • Embedded movement sensor
  • Includes an inflatable balance cushion, or use your own balance equipment
  • Compact and portable
  • 10 hour rechargeable battery 
  • One size fits kids, adults and our office circus dog 

Wide range of sports applications:

“Without exaggerating, Bobo training has improved our entire team’s playing. It’s like they see around corners.”

- Men’s College Basketball Coach

“I see agility improvement from match to match in all my players” 

- High School Tennis Coach

"I feel a lot more balanced when I do cross-body movements, and have pushed past a plateau that I was stuck on for a month!" 

- Cross-Fit enthusiast

“The BoBo Balance Board is a regular fixture in the gym during Spring training” 

- Men’s Baseball Off-season Trainer

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