BoBo - Pro Plus

BoBo - Pro Plus

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BoBo Board – a smart board that is mounted on traditional balance training products turning them into integrative and smart training platforms. Enables a wide range of training poses and exercise levels.

Data is collected during the training session and automatically processed into detailed reports for further clinical analysis.

Wireless connectivity to your smartphone or tablet
12 hours of continuous use without recharging
LED & audio indicators
3-axis accelerometer sensors
Operating temperature: -5 ˚C to 45 ˚C (23 ˚F to 113 ˚F)
Battery type: rechargeable 100mAh lithium polymer
Communication modules: Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

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Making Training-Sessions Fun

The BoBo Pro Balance Board

Personalized training programs

Personalized training programs

Unboxing Your New BoBo Home

Here's everything you can expect when you purchase your smart balance board.


Better Outcomes. Faster Results.


Turning Therapy into a Game

The BoBo Motion App

BoBo Motion connects seamlessly to our proprietary app, delivering real-time biofeedback, performance measurements, personalized training programs and more.