Outsmart Traditional Surfaces

Balance 1.0

Every physiotherapist knows that proprioceptive exercise is an integral part of any rehabilitation process, especially when it comes to the lower limb. To control the degree of difficulty we use simple physics like, support base width, center of gravity, coefficient of friction and more ....And of course, principles of the neurological system:Eye-closing and head-turning ... and those who are a little more updated incorporate dual task during practice.

But, nearly always, under the feet of every patient is an unstable surface, it can be a thick mattress, closely monitored when it comes to low functioning or one leg on a Bosu-Balance Trainer for an athlete recovering from sports injuries.They will always be there under the feet of some patient in your nearby area.True, they have been proven to be very effective in preventing injuries and falls long ago, and really nothing has changed ... what works, works!

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Except for one thing, today they should be smart! But they are not! 

They can give you an accurate and detailed analysis of patient movement .... but they don’t!They can track, save data, turn training into a game ... but they don't! 

So what is? 

Expensive and heavy devices that cost a lot! With lots of metal motors and strips, which are connected to electricity.

Balance 2.0

Not anymore, meet BoBo, it's just a flat surface with a sensor ...It honors the traditional surfaces; it just makes them smart!

It just lies on top of them, analyzes the movement, makes them an interactive game, or trains the patient. 

Everything happens in an app full of content, tests, protocols, and a database.

It is small, lightweight, and fits into any standard bag, it can come along anywhere with you.

It works a lot and rest a little, half an hour charging will give you 13 working hours.

It does not interfere with the choice of surface; he will happily lie on the bosu mattress disc and even exercise ball. 

It does not interfere with your choice of position; you can work sitting on a chair and even on a lower limb. 

It is small, light, smart, a loved one ... who will always go with your choice and make it much better for you. 

It's inexpensive – but it will give you a lot of value. 

You can always work on your balance,(Photo of someone on a balance training disc)

But today it can be done even better:(Photo of someone with bobo balance disc and a screen with motion analysis) 

HOW it works

Learn how BoBo outsmarts traditional balance surfaces