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Take your core muscles and balance workout to the next level with real-time biofeedback.

BoBo - core trainer Balance Board

Train at home without the need for a gym or personal trainer. Tilt the BoBo and get real-time biofeedback from your mobile device.

Kit includes premium wooden balance board with a built in Bluetooth motion sensor, free iOS/Android App with multiple games and exercise programs and a wobble cushion.

  • Enhance your workouts with dynamic training

  • Correct your posture

  • Proven to prevent injuries

  • Easy to setup

  • Includes balance cushion

  • Free app with training programs and games

Our App

Make balance fun!

Achieve your goals with fun exercise! 

BoBo improves your coordination, develops your agility and core strength. 

Transform balance and core training into a motivating and challenging game, turning exercise into a fun and rewarding activity.

Personalized training programs

Get real-time feedback and performance measurements! Our software offers personalized training programs that keep track of user performance and progress.

Customers & Partners

Play your balance better


Our products come with a training program. This program gives you the benefits of a trainer, within your own home.


BoBo is not only easy to use but also to set up. With our technical instruction videos, you’ll be ready in no time.


BoBo transforms balance and core training into a motivating and challenging game.

Balance Yourself