How It Works

Created by two expert physiotherapists, Bobo Balance is the ultimate balance-based workout device. By integrating challenging fitness games, effective balance training and advanced tracking technology, BoBo Balance pushes users out of their comfort zones, to help them achieve real, measurable results.

Bobo Balance is designed for: professional athletes - physical therapy patients - children with focus & attention issues - anyone looking for an incredible home workout!

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BoBo Balance Features

The Ultimate Balanced-Based Workout

Intensive balance-promoting exercises lead to a stronger core, better posture, improved coordination, injury prevention and quicker recovery.

A Revolution in Home Fitness

Developed by experts in the physical training sector, BoBo Balance delivers professional conditioning and training in the comfort of your home (Snowboard available Aug 21).

All Work. All Play. All Day.

Through balanced-based games accessed through an easy-to-use app, users are pushed to their full potential through a wide selection of engaging challenges.

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Get real-time feedback and performance measurements! Our software offers personalized training programs that keep track of user performance and progress.

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