Improving Athletic Performance Starts with Balance

Challenge yourself to become a better athlete with Bobo’s superior balance board trainings and workouts.

Bobo Balance gives competitive athletes that extra edge, allowing them to jump higher, throw farther, run faster, and boost their agility - for success in many different sports.

Trackable Performance Metrics

Trackable Performance Metrics

The Bobo App allows you to generate important data metrics about your movements in real-time, helping you measure your performance and track your progression.

Challenging Workouts/Exercises

Challenging Workouts/Exercises

Put your body to the test with a wide variety of dynamic workouts that help you continually improve and maintain your balance, strength and coordination.

Fun and Interactive Games

Fun and Interactive Games

The Bobo App also includes a variety of interactive games that are consistently updated so that you and your friends can continue to have fun and become better athletes.

Mental & Physical Benefits

Core Balance Proven to Increase









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Great For Injury Prevention or Rehab

Great For Injury Prevention or Rehab

Applicable to All Athletes

Use Our App with Any iOS/Android Smart Device

Our app seamlessly connects with any mobile device, tablet or smart TV, giving you balance-based fitness anytime, anywhere.




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