Regain Your Balance and Reclaim Your Freedom

Daily balance exercises keeps you active and independent

Maintain an effective daily balance practice

As you get older, balance starts to decline naturally. The only way to reverse the decline is by doing balance exercises on a daily basis.

BoBo is a dedicated home trainer giving you the fun yet essential balance practice.

Old man practice balance using bobo interactive balance trainer in his kitchen

Fully-guided balance activities

Balance training must be guided and measured to achieve effective results. Bobo Balance gives you exactly that.

Our balance training app is connected to your balance board, making balance training fun, engaging, and helping you adhere to a regular training schedule.

BoBo Home free app screens showing the different app menus

10 Minutes A Day Help Prevent Falls

With 10 minutes of daily balance practice, your leg muscles and balance reactions strengthen which can help reduce your risk
of falling.

Woman holding BoBo Wobbly balance trainer and an iPad used for the interactive free app

Highly Effective, Portable Low Impact Exercises

Because the BoBo balance board is light, locations to do the low-impact exercises are limitless.
Place your board on a dry flat surface and get balancing!

Mental & Physical Benefits

Improving Your Balance Increases Your

Body Strength

Motor Skills





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Improve Balance & Mobility

Trusted by Physical Therapists

Physical therapist trains an old man on BoBo Balance interactive trainer
BoBo Balance founders Eitan Merhavy and Gedi Nir in their clinic

The Most Effective At-Home Balance Training System

Designed by Physical Therapists

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Use our BoBo App, Compatible with Any Smart Device

Download our free BoBo app on your smartphone or tablet and even screencast the app to your smart TV.




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