Reduce menopause symptoms

Build muscle mass and bone strength, reduce symptoms such as hot flashes, and improve overall healthand well-being.

Maintain muscle and bone mass with the right exercise routine, and take control of menopause with improved core strength and body balance.

Fun Interactive Balance Games

Make the most of their screen time with specially designed balance workout games that sharpen their motor skills and improve focus. Our library of balance games keeps children on their toes (literally!) to excite and challenge them.

Progress Through Gamification

With a built-in trainer, balance evaluation tests, personalized routines and real-time biofeedback, BoBo Balance gives real results when kids need it most. 

Fun Interactive Balance Games

Get Your Family Fit

In just 10 minutes a day, everyone in your home can improve their balance, stay active, and get fit with BoBo Balance’s amazing core and full-body workouts.

Children with ADHD often struggle in traditional education settings, but BoBo makes learning fun!

Mental & Physical Benefits

Core Balance Proven to Improve





Motor Skills




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Great For Injury Prevention or Rehab

The Most Effective At-Home Balance Training System

Designed by Experts

The Moving Classroom

Research-Driven Balance Therapy

Use Our App with Any iOS/Android Smart Device

Our app seamlessly connects with any mobile device, tablet or smart TV, giving you balance-based fitness anytime, anywhere.




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