1 in 4 Seniors Will Fall and Need Hospitalization.

Over the age of 60, balance declines sharply and bones become brittle, so a slight fall can result in serious damage.

One moment of losing balance is all it takes to turn happy and active, independent individuals into inactive, dependent one.

This moment can happen to anyone.

Despite studies showing the effectiveness of improving balance to prevent falls in seniors, many people overlook balance training.

Conquer Independent Balance Training

Practicing balance exercises independently can be challenging. It may be unclear which exercises to do and how to measure progress, leading to a lack of motivation to continue training.

BoBo Home free app screens showing the different app menus

Progress Through Gamification

The BoBo Balance Trainer offers a balance surface with a built-in motion sensor and a free interactive app. It guides and measures performance, providing interactive gamified balance exercises that you will look forward to.

Your Key to Stability and Confidence

Don't lose your balance - train it, and it will take care of you in critical moments. The responsibility is in your hands.

Making a small investment in your balance will give you the most stable return you can ask for: the freedom to remain independent, active, and happy.

Mental & Physical Benefits

Core Balance Proven to Improve





Motor Skills




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