Measure Performance - Get More Done At Your Clinic


Turn your traditional balance boards into interactive training platforms.


BoBo is revamping the field of balance training and rehabilitation. 

Convert any common balance tool in your clinic or rehab center to an interactive training platform. 

Instant real-time biofeedback and performance measurement to any patient. 

Huge improvement of training quality and patient experience lead to higher participation and more sessions.  

  • Increase your patient's engagement 

  • Measure and track your patient's performance and progress

  • Make the treatment more engaging, interactive, and fun!

Created by experienced physiotherapists

We wanted to keep our patients motivated!

Inspired by the slogan “Fun as a method to achieve goals” we brought technology products into the traditional physiotherapy clinic. 

By turning traditional training products into wireless, integrative and smart training platforms, BoBo motivates patients to stick with their training programs, making the workouts much more challenging and fun. 

We developed a training software for all performance levels and ages, revolutionizing the fitness, training and rehabilitation fields! 

Our customers include physical therapy clinics, chiropractors, wellness clinics, professional fitness centers, leading hospitals, sports clinics, military outfits, personal trainers and more. 

Watch BoBo at Work

Weight Bearing + Mobility

Low-Functioning Patients

Upper extremity

High functioning Patients